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American Academy of Professional Coders AAPC Certified Professional Coder CPC Assignment of numerical or alpha numerical digits and characters to diagnostic and procedural phrases coding ICD-9 classifies diseases, and ICD-9-CM classifies diseases and procedures Americn Association of Medical Record Librarians is now knowns as the American Health Information Management Association The health care industry is dependent on ________ and _________ of health information available. accuracy and quality The National Center for Health Statistics coordinates the modifications to the __________ classification disease The HIPAA developed standards for the _________ exchange of health care data. electronic The abbreviation CCA means Certified Coding Associate Anemia would be classified in the ICD-9-CM as a diagnostic code, and an appendectomy would be classified as a ________ code procedural The Tabular List and Alphabetic Index of Procedures is contained in Volume _____ of the ICD-9-CM. three The Tabular List and Alphabetic Index of Procedures is most commonly used in the _____ setting. facility Volume 3 procedure codes consist of ________ digits followed by a decimal point and then one or two additional digits. two Diseases chapters in the ICD-9-CM are organized according to ________ or by ________ site. etiology, anatomical Chapter 7, Disease of the Circulatory System, of the ICD-9-CM is an example of a chapter organized by _______. anatomical site A(n) _________ code is used to code those conditions or circumstances that are recorded as the reason for the patient encounter when the patient is not ill. V When a patient falls from a chair, the external cause of the injury is coded by use of a(n) _____ code. E Reference information within the ICD-9-CM is contained in the _______ of Volume 1 of the ICD-9-CM. appendices The ICD-9-CM contains a table, titled _______, which is used to classify poisonings by a drug or chemical. Table of Drugs and Chemicals To code the phrase closure of fistula,a coder would first reference Volume ________ of the ICD-9-CM. three In the ICD-9-CM, ________ contain(s) a series of three-digit category codes that group conditions or related conditions. sections Assignment of codes starts at the ____- level, known as three-digit codes. category Codes that contain five digits are known as _______ codes. subclassification Codes that contain ________ digits are known as subcategory codes. four Codes that do not contain all the necessary digits are known as ______ codes. truncated A reaction to the correct administration of a drug or a reaction between two or more drugs that were prescribed by a physician is known as a(n)______. adverse effect A(n) ________ is an injury or a poisoning inflicted by another person with the intent to injure or kill. assault Chronic allergic rhinitis would be referenced in the Alphabetic Index under the main term _________. rhinitis Percutaneous insertion of carotid artery stints would be referenced in the Alphabetic Index under the main term ________. insertion Femoral hernia with gangrene would be referenced in the Alphabetic Index under the main term _______. hernia The ICD-9-CM uses a group of instructional notations, punctuation marks, abbreviations, and symbols known as _______. conventions Phrases or notes that appear in all three volumes of the codebook are called ________. instructional notations The notation _______ is used to define and/or give examples of the content of the chapter, sections, category, or subcategory code. INCLUDES The notation ___________ is used in the Alphabetic Index to instruct the coder to reference a specific category within the Tabular List. SEE CATEGORY The CODE FIRST UNDERLYING CONDITION notation instructs the coder to use _______ codes to fully code the diagnostic statement. two Italicized brackets are used to enclose a second code that is assigned when coding to record the _______ and the manifestation of a disease. etiology The acronym NEC stands for Not Elsewhere Classifiable The acronym NOS stands for Not Otherwise Specified The acronym NOS is interpreted to mean unspecified The acronym ________ is used with poorly defined terms to warn the coder that specified forms of the diagnosis being coded are classified to different code numbers. NEC The ______ symbol appears before a code number and denotes the presences of a footnote. section mark The first step in coding is to reference the main term in the ______. Alphabetic Index The _____ notation indicates terms that are not included in a section of the code book. EXCLUDES Coders must reference the ______ and the Tabular List Alphabetic Index When coding the diagnosis - open fracture of the acromion process, - the coder would first refrence the main term _______. fracture The INCLUDES notation does not appear at the ________ digit level(s); however, a listing of diagnoses contained with these levels appears. fourth- and fifth- Study Cards for Testing