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What is a check written by a bank on its own funds called? cashier's check Checks over ___ old my not be honored by a bank. 6 months A ___ endorsement results when the payee signs over a check to a third person. special A ___ endorsement results when the payee signs on the back for deposit only ans signs his or her name. restrictive Insurance up to ___ is provided for depositors by the FDIC. $100,000 When payment on a check is prevented by the bank before it can be made to the payee, it is a(n) ___. stop payment order A ___ is a personal check that the bank guarantees to be good. certified check A ___ is a safe place to keep stocks and bonds, deeds, and other important documents. safe deposit box A(n) ___ account charges customers fees based on the number of checks written each month; a minimum balance is usually not required. special Financial Planning Review for chapter nine