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gloss/o tongue lingu/o tongue or/o mouth stomat/o mouth surgical repair of the roof of the mouth palatoplasty High levels of pigment in the blood hyperbilirubinemia Inflammation of both the small and large intestine enterocolitis Inflammation of the pancreas pancreatitis Frank, bright, fresh red blood in the stool hematochezia Third part of the small intestine ileum First part of the small intestine duodenum Second part of the small intestine jejunum Organ under the stomach; produces insulin and enzymes pancreas First part of the large intestine cecum Small sac under the liver that stores bile gallbladder Tube that connects the throat to the stomach esophagus Large intestine Colon Throat pharynx Swollen, twisted veins in the rectal region hemorrhoids Chronic liver disease resulting from alcoholism and malnutrition cirrhosis Failure of peristalisis ileus Calculi in the sac that stores bile cholecystolithiasis Sore or lesion of the mucous membrane in the stomach or duodenum peptic ulcer Painful, inflamed intestines often caused by bacterial infection dysentery Inflammation of the liver caused by type A, B, or C virus hepatitis Chronic inflammation of the large bowel with ulcers ulcerative colitis Abnormal side-pockets in the intestinal wall diverticula Group of GI symptoms associated with stress, but without inflamed intestines irritable bowel syndrome Review of the digestive system