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States of all living things are made of cells Cell theory First to view cork cells with a simple micoscope Robert Hooke Smallest part of an organism that can carry on all life processes Cell Cell componet that carries on a specific job for the cell Organelles Cells lacking a nucleus and membrane bound organelles Prokaryote Cells with a nucleuos and membrane-bound organelles Eukaryote Make up the cell membrane Phospholipids Powerhouses of a cell where ATP (energy)is generated Mitohondria Where proteins are made in all cells Ribosome Packages materials such as proteins made by the cell Endoplasmic Reticulum System of canals inside a cell Golgi Digests materials within the cell Lysosome Short hairlike structures around the outside of a cell for movement Cilia Control center of the cell where DNA is found Nucleus Structure around the outside of the cell membrane in plants for support and protection Cell Wall Store enzymes and waste products in a cell Vacuole Where photosynthesis occures Chloroplast Made of the microfilaments and microtubules in the cytoplasm for supportnucleolus Cytoskeleton