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I x V = R Imagination times Vividness = Reality Fear An emotional state in the presence or anticipation of a dangerous or noxious stimulus. Goal A sought end that may be actual and objective, or internal and subjective and operational; a conceived future; the end result. Self-Talk How one talks to or reaffirms oneself. Lock On / Lock Out An act whereby one has a limited perception of possibilities, problems, or solutions; a restricted, narrow, or singular view of alternatives. Reality All that forms an integral part of what an individual believes to be real. Positive Wizard A "who said of the greatest magnitude" who supports and encourages. Negative Wizard One who claims authority in making pessimistic pronouncements. Vow A solemn pledge, promise, or commitment of oneself to an act, service, or condition. Rite of Passage An event or ceremony with significant internal meaning and associated belief. Forethought Thinking ahead. Teleological A doctrine or belief that a final cause exists, that there is a purpose to being, that all move toward a goal or final destination, and that order in the universe is not random. Comfort Zone A limited area of perception and association wherein the individual/group can function effectively without experiencing uneasiness or fear. Four Levels of Self-Talk 1. Negative resignation 2. "I should..." 3. "I quit..." 4. "I intend to..." Gestalt Human beings are always working to complete the incomplete, working for closure; discrepancy production, discrepancy reduction; a view that psychological phenomena could only be understoof if viewed as organized, structured wholes. Tension An emotional state characterized by relentlessness and anxiety. Subconscious The level of the mind through which material passes on the way toward full consciousness. Accountable Responsible; answerable for an outcome. Motivation A need or drive to action based on inventive value of the goal or the expectation of reward or punishment. Energy A force that drives one to a goal. Terms