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Horatian Satire After the Roman satirist Horace: Satire in which the voice is indulgent, tolerant, amused, and witty. The speaker holds up to gentle ridicule the absurdities and follies of human beings, aiming at producing in the reader not the anger of a Juvenal, but a wry smile. Juvenilian Satire After the Roman satirist Juvenal: Formal satire in which the speaker attacks vice and error with contempt and indignation Juvenalian satire in its realism and its harshness is in strong contrast to Horatian satire. Aphorisms A saying used to help remember important principles ideas. EX: When decorating, remember the familiar aphorism, less is more.; Utopias the Amish, Puritans, Shakers Dystopias a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding. EX: Hell; Limbo; Some of your rooms (lol) Iceland Exiled place where "disruptive" people go to prevent the perfect world from being influenced by radical thoughts: Bernard Marx was exiled to Iceland Henry Ford Creator of the first functional automobile. He is considered the "God" of this New World Sigmund Freud Freud has been deemed the "Father of Psychology". Develoved the principles of Psychology. He is also a "religious-like" figure in this New World Hypnopedia sleep teaching; used to instigate thoughts to control the new people into the new world Ivan Pavlov Pavlov's dogs; Father of Conditioning Bokanovskys Process Creating up to 96 people from one egg, "Progress" according to the DHC Feelies New verison of the movies Violent Passion Surrogate Pregnacy Substitute How are the dead made useful in the novel? They are burned in the Creamatorium: Ashes are used to help plants grouw in the Dystopia; Aphorism "Everyone is Useful" What is soma? A narcotic used to create pleasant sensations without any after-effects. The word is actually taken from a drug that exists in India. World State Motto Community, Identity, Stability Dystopian novels creation of a nightmare world, or dystopia; some science fiction elements usually written to discuss the shortcomings of mankind Communism a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably Conformity Following popular thought, trends What is the very first indication that Brave New World is a futuristic novel? The Date: AF 632 What occurs at the London Center of Hatcheries and Conditioning People are developed in test tubes in order to populated the different caste; After they are born, they are conditioned, or trained, to live thier life according to thier caste Are there other World States? Yes, Africa, Asia, Europe are a few examples How is Bokanovsky process a major instrument of social stability? It allows the World State Controllers to make people for particular jobs. They condition those "twins" to love thier "inescapable destiny" As Huxley looks at these principles, what does he see for the future? If technology continues to progress without regulation, or rules and limitations, then our world will be destroyed Social Caste The groups in BNW that organize the people; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon How is Huxley mocking Christianity? The Ford Model becomes thier religious symbol Why are the Delta children conditioned to dislike books and nature? To hate nature and love working. They are also conditioned to love outdoor sports (Oxymoron) Why can hypnopaedia be used to inculcate (foster, create) more beliefs and emotional attitudes but cannot be used to learn science? The students were not able to understand what they were being taught. They merely repeated words. With emotional conditioning, the Controllers were able to see the effect of the hypnopaedia dramatically. Near the end of Chapter Two, what does Huxley state is the aim of the new worlds conditioning? The make people like there uncontrollable destiny History is bunk Famous quote from Henry Ford, a big proponent of technological advancement, This became a motto for Mustapha Mond Allegory A story within a story; literary device used to give a hidden meaning to a text; helps the reader learn the moral or theme Huxley seems to be using the dialogues of Lenina, Fanny, Bernard, and Henry to comment on Mond's lecture to the new students. What contradictions do you see between what Mond says and what the others are expressing? Mond says how this world is perfect while the others are concerned about how thier are impefect people in the New World (i.e., Lenina and her pregnacy substitute) How do the Controllers of the new world define happiness? Being satified with their uncontrollable destiny Why does so much effort go into controlling people to be consumers? They want to make money. When people spend money they are also happier therefore it is a control mechanism What makes Bernard stand out among the people of the new world? He is awkward, really smart and questions his surroundings, he is very unhappy even when he takes Soma Solidarity Service A take off on a religious service but with strong sexual elements. What is the meaning of the frequently repeated word, pneumatic? To show that Lenina is overtly sexual and promiscuous. Pneumatic refers to a woman who is volumptuous. Repetition Literary device, to repeat something that is significant to a story; Aphorisms The Nine Years' War A war which led to almost total destruction. After a severe economic crisis the world submitted to the World Controllers who took over and redefined the social order. Ectogenesis Developing life outside of the body. Mother, Father Bad words according to the new world, used to condition the people that family is a bad thing Fretsawyer someone who creates ornamental works Freud: The Utopian society believes that Ford and Freud are the same man, but that Freud is the name Ford used when writing about psychology. In reality Freud is considered the father of modern psychoanalysis. Malthusian Belt Thomas Malthus is famous for showing that the world population grows more rapidly than the supply of food. Huxley uses the word to mean a contraceptive, hence limiting the growth in population. Orgy-porgy A Solidarity Service hymn and dance which is used to signify the coming together of many people into a unified oneness. It is used during Bernard's Solidarity Service and later when the Savage confronts the crowd. Pregnancy Substitute An intravenous injection which tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant and which is used to balance the hormones. Lenina Red Rocket The transatlantic jetliner. Reimann-surface tennis: One the adult games. Savage Reservation: One of the only places left on earth where people remain in a state of nature. The Savages were not considered worth civilizing and were therefore placed in fenced off area which contained some of the worst land. Communistic symbolism George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) British dramatist and critic. Here, one of Huxley’s most famous contemporaries, whom he sarcastically singles out for particular mention as an accepted genius of the dystopia. Charing-T Tower Huxley’s re-creation of a London train station, Charing Cross Station. simian like an ape or monkey. Here, used to describe the Epsilon elevator operator. Westminster Abbey Gothic church (originally a Benedictine abbey) where English monarchs are crowned; it is also a burial place for English monarchs, famous statesmen and writers, etc. Here, the site of the Westminster Abbey cabaret, or nightclub. Ironic comparision Study Guide for Chapters 1-5