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Select the term that best describes a condition characterized by red blood cells of variable and abnormal size anisocytosis What is Christmas disease also know as? hemophilia B Select the term that best describes the abnormal accumulation of luid in the interstitial spaces? edema Which plasma protein helps maintain normal blood volume albumin What is a clot that forms and stays in place called? thrombus What is the anemia that is a result of a deficiency of mature red blood cells called? pernicious anemia What is classic hemophilia also known as? hemophilia A What is the medical term for an excessive and uncontrolled increase of immature white blood cells? leukemia Which condition is characterizede by excessive destruction of circulating red blood cells? hemolytic anemia What is any disorder of lymph nodes or lymph vessels called? lymphadenopathy What is histiocytic lymphoma also known as? non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Which condition is know as bone marrow depression anemia? aplastic anemia What is the production of formed elements of blood called? hemopoiesis Which plasma proteins function as anitbodies in the immune system? gamma globulins What is a circulating clot called? embolus Select the term that describes a craving to eat unusal substances, including, but not limited to, things such as clay, dirt, starch, chalk, glue, ice and hair pica Identify the type of anemia that is characterized by a deficiency of hemoglobin due to a lack of iron in the body. iron deficiency Select the term that best describes the clumping of cells as a resul of interaction with specific antibodies called agglutinins. agglutination Which term means an abnormal condition of the blood characterized by red blood cells of variable and abnormal size? anisocytosis What is the name of the orange-yellow pigment of bile formed principally by the breakdown of hemoglobin in red blood cells after termination of their normal life span? bilirubin diagnostic for pernicious anemia Schilling test direct antiglobulin test Coomb's test monitors heparin therapy PTT measures RBC settling distance ESR measures percentage of erythrocytes in blood hematocrit What does HDL stand for? High-density lipoprotein What does PT stand for? prothrombin time What does segs stand for? segmented neutrophils What does LDL stand for? low-density lipoprotein What does CBC stand for? Complete blood(cell) count Another name for a clot is a thrombus? True Chapter Review