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contains sperm-producing tubules testicle produces sperm seminiferous tubule secretions enhance sperm motility prostate gland provides lubrication Cowper's gland contributes fluid to semen seminal vesicle muscular tube vagina womb uterus secretions sustain pregnancy corpus luteum mature sperm or ovum gamete shedding of uterine linging menstruation cerical cancer test PAP smear secretions soften nipples Montgomery's glands femal reproudctive cycle menstrual cycle sexual intercouse coitus vaginal erectile tissue clitoris Inflammation of the testes due to a virus, bacterial infection, or injury, typically resulting from the mumps virus, is known as orchitis Carries the sperm to the urethra vas deferens Encloses and supports the testes scrotum Male gonads testicles PSA prostate specific antigen A loose, retractable fold of skin covering the tip of the penis is called the foreskin or prepuce The gland that surronds the base of the urethra that secretes a milky-colored secretion into the urethra during ejaculation is the what gland prostate Inflammation of the urethra urethritis Inflammation of the glans penis and the mucous membrane beneath balanitis A protrusion of a part of the intestine through a weakened spot in the muscles and membranes of the inguinal region of the abdomen is known as an inguinal hernia also called the vaginal opening introitus Female gonads ovaries Onset of menstruation is known as menarche abnormally light or infrequent menstruation is called oligomenorrhea fatty tissu that covers and cusions the symphysis pubis mon pubis ova are present at birth and mature in the graafin folicles removal of the breast, axillary lymph nodes, and chest muscles is a description of a(n) radical mastectomy narrower, necklike portion at the lower end of the uterus cervix discarded portions of the uterine lining are included in (blank), the menstrual flow menses removal of a segment of the cervix is known as conization removal of the breast and lymph nodes is called a(n) modified radical mastectomy Also called anteversion, is the abnormal tipping forward of the entire uterus and cervix anteflexion surgical removal of the uterus hysterectomy during which breast tissue is compressed between two clear disks, is the approved method of screening for breast cancer mammography the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, and the ovaries are the (blank, blank) of the female reproductive system internal genitalia PID pelvic inflammatory disease IUD intrauterine device LMP last menstrual period PMS premenstrual syndrome D&C dilatation & curettage 16 & 17 mc continued