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The Spijal Cavity is part of the ventral body Cavity. False Bone formation is referred to as what? Ossifcation What is Voluntary Muscle tissue? Skeletal Muscle Milia is most common during old age when secretion accumulate in the sebaceous glands. False Where is the synovial membrane found ? joint cavities What is a single,brief,jerky, muscle contraction? Twitch In antomical postions,the palms are oriented medially False What is the epidermis composed of? Statified Squamous epithelium What is the best way to decribe fat? adipose tissue what can a compound fracture be described as? the broken bone is exposed to the outside where does serous fluid reduce friction? between the visceral and parietal layers of serous membranes which of the following is not a function of the muscular system? hematopoisis The movement of fluid through the cell membrane from a high pressure area to a lower pressure are is called? Filtration What are the four healing stages of a bone fracture? Hematoma Formation, Fibrocartilage callus formation, Bony callus formation , bone remodleing What are the levels of structual oraganization of the human body? CHemical level, tissue level, cellular level, organ system level, oranismal level Which best describes cardiac muscle tissue? movement is involuntary and cells possess striations when correctly situated in anatomical position, where are your feet in relation to your Knees? Distal The thoracic cavity is seperated from the abdominopelvic cacity by the diaphragm. true Which of the following orientation and directional terms have the same meaning (in humans) anterior and ventral Which of the following bones is NOT considered part of the appendicular Skeleton sternum Atomic mass is equivalent to the number of______ in an atom. protons and neutrons A solution that pH 7 what is it? neutral which of these bones is associated with the hand? metacarpals The dorsal body cavity houses what? spinal cord and brain Passive processes that move substances across membranes requires no ATp THe study of the function of the body and body parts called? Physiology The femur, tibia,and radius are all classified as? long bones the movement opposite to abudction? addution jumping jacks what are you doing? abduction a section that divides the body on the longitudinal plane into equal right and left parts is called? median Which type of section could be used to seperate the thoracic cavity form abdominopelvic cavity? transvers what is the area of the brain stem that plays a role in consciousness and the awake/sleep cycles? RAS What structure of the eye foucuses light on the retina? Lens The pathway of vibrations through the ossicle from the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, to the oval window is? malleus,incus,sta which of the following is not associated with the middle ear? auricle Which one of the following represents the correct sequence from the outermost to innermost layers of the meninges? dura mater,arachnoid mater, pia mater Which region of the retina contains only cones and is the sharpest area of visual acuity? Fovea Centalis The Schwann cell forms a myelin sheath around the? Dendrites Loss of muscle coordination results from damage to the ? Cerebellum The gap between two communicating neurons is termed? Synaptic CLeft White maters refers to myelinated fibers in the? CNS The gel- like substance that reinforces the eyeball and prevents it from collapsing inward is the? Vitreous Humor Hair cells that function as hearing receptors are located within the? Spiral oran of Corti The term cental nervous system refers to the ? Brain and Spinal cord The elevated ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerbral hemispheres are known as___ while the shallow grooves are termed____. gyri;sulci The inabliliy to see distant objects is termed nearsighted or? Myopia The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are subdivisons of the ? autonomic nervous system The midbrain,pons, and medulla oblongata are housed in the? Brain stem The Blood-brain barrier is effective against the passage of? Metabolic waste such as urea The congenital condition of crossed eyes is also known as? strabismus Study for test