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a smell scent to dig a tunnel into or under something burrowed a confusing path with many twists and turns maze a safe place refuge to throw away discard skills or knowledge from doing something before experienced jagged, rough, uneven rugged the driver of a dogsled team musher a long snow storm with hard winds blizzard a place along a route where a count or check in is made checkpoint showing bravery, having courage courageous carefully cautiously The boys moved _________ across the rickety old bridge. cautiously The riders had to report to the ________ before racing to the end of the trail. checkpoint Mrs. Fletcher's chihuahua, Sprocket, __________ under the blankets to get warm burrowed It is dangerous to get caught outside during a _______. blizzard The side of the mountain was _______ and looked hard to climb. rugged Every dogsled team needs a _________ to guide the dogs and care for them. musher I caught the _________ of honeysuckle flowers on the breeze. scent The old house was a __________ of odd rooms, twisting hallways, and hidden passages. maze When we play cards, we have a place to ______ our unwanted cards. discard The rabbit found _________ hidden under the bushes. refuge Mr. Fletcher is an __________ photographer and enjoys teaching others. experienced Theme 1, Story 1