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strong stimulant drugs that speed up the nervous system amphetamines a drug made from grains and fruits alcohol substances that change mood & behavior drugs an addictive drug found in tobacco nicotine concentrated cocaine crack an illegal narcotic heroin reactions to medicines other than the ones intended side effect a dark, thick liquid that forms when tobacco burns tar a psychological or physical need for for a drug addiction body's need for larger and; larger does of drug to produce the same effect tolerance a drunken person intoxicated one of the club drugs! ecstasy a drug made from the hemp plant marijuana air sacs of the lungs alveoli drugs that distort mood, thoughts, and senses hallucinogens physical and psychological need for alcohol alcoholism drugs that speed up body's functions stimulants drugs that slow down body's functions and; reactions like heart rate and breathing depressants use of drug for nonmedical purposes drug abuse a drug that prevents or cures illnesses medicine a deadly poison added to cigarettes cyanide unpleasant symptoms an addict experiances due to stopping to take drugs withdrawal a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas; forms when tobacco burns carbon monoxide drugs that relieve pain and dull the senses narcotics an illegal stimulant made from coca plant cocaine Addiction