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Who is the author of "A Cow Called Boy"? C. Everard Palmer What is the setting of the story? Kendal, Jamaica What theme could be applied to this story? "Friendship" or "Love" or "Loyal Friends" What was Josh's FIRST problem? His bull-calf, Boy, kept following him to school. What did he do in order to get his pet to stop following him? Josh took him to school. What grade did Josh earn on his summer report? An "A" Who was the girl who saw Boy in the hallway? Maria Bernard. When Mrs. Redmond saw Boy, what happened? She fainted. Who did Mr. Redmond blame for allowing the calf into the school? Mrs. Anthony. What is the definition of "Picket"? to protest because of a wrong done. Usually persons form lines and carry signs. How did Boy "picket"? He ran up and down outside of Mr. Redmond's window mooing vigorously. How did Josh 'picket'? He and his classmates, gathered outside of Mr. Watson's store and carried signs. What were he and his classmates protesting? They were protesting the fact that Boy had been bought and penned by Mr. Watson. How did Mr. Watson respond to their protests? He denied their parents credit. That is, they couldn't get items from his store without paying immediately in cash. How much did Mr. Watson pay Josh for Boy? 40 Shillings. What is the approximate value of 40 shillings? $3.00 Who picked up Boy from Josh after the sale? Ridley What character traits does Josh have? Kind, concerned, sympathetic, intelligent, determined. What happened to most of the children who had joined Josh's protest? They were beaten by their parents. What character traits does Mr. Watson have? unfair, dishonest, vengeful (likes to get back at people.), stubborn Who was the other storekeeper? Mr. Tobias. Why did Mr. Redmond beat Josh a second time? For demonstrating in front of Mr. Watson's store and embarrassing the school. How did Mrs. Anthony feel about the children's demonstration? She supported them in their efforts. What did Mrs. Anthony say was the reason Mr. Watson purchased Boy? Profit. When did Josh tell his mother that he would EAT again? When he got Boy back. Name the ADULTS who joined the demonstration. Mrs. Anthony and Mrs. Mahon. What happened to Mr. Tobias' store as a result of Mr. Watson's attitude? His store got more business. He made more money. When Mr. Redmond admitted to making a mistake regarding Boy, how did Mr. Watson react? He became angry and proud. What animal is Boy compared to throughout the book? A dog. How much did Josh pay to get Boy back? and why? 40 shillings because he said that you should never kick a man when he's down. What did Mr. Watson learn from this situation? "Never kick or hit a man when he's down." Don't take advantage of people. What did Mr. Redmond suggest because of Boy and Josh? That the school get pets. What are some themes in this story? Never give up. Friendship. Don't take advantage of people because they are desperate. Have courage to pursue what you believe in. Questions covering the entire book