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sectionalism loyalty to a state or section missouri compromise proposed by henry clay to keep # of slave and free states equal popular sovereignty control by the people Civil war war between people of the same country Arsenal gun warehouse secede withdraw harriet beacher stowe wrote Uncle Toms Cabin abraham lincoln president during civil war. in debate against stephen douglas. against slavery. stephen douglas in debate against abraham lincoln. Was for slavery. lost the elections. dred scott decision said that slaves were to be property not, not citizens. compromise of 1850 admitted california to the union as free state. allowed popular sovereignty. banned slave trade in D.C. Helped the Fugitive slave law to be passed. fugitive slave law made everybody capture runaway slaves. I f somebody did not turn fugitive slave in they would get fined and or jailed. Kansas nebraska act law divided nebraska into 2 territories. both territories to be decided by popular sovereignty. bleeding kansas violence in kansas between North and South. raid at harpers ferry was raided by john brown. A gun warehouse. john brown abolitionist Fort Sumter first shots fired; started civil war election of lincoln 1860 jefferson davis leader of the confederacy confederate States of america the southern states that left the union Flash cards: Civil War