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Native Americans that lived mostly in New York were called the ___________________. Iroquois _________________ Was a Huron Native American who tried to persuade people to stop fighting. Deganawida _____________ convinced five groups of Native Americans to for the Iroquois Confederacy. Later a sixth group joined. Hiawatha A ______________________ is a union of people who join together for a common goal confederacy Who said, "We must have one fire, one pipe, and one war club. This will give us strength. Hiawatha The Iroquois village were made up of ____________________. longhouses _____________________ were rectangular buildings made from the wood and bark of elm trees. longhouses _____________ of families lived in the longhouse. dozens __________ had a great deal of power in Iroquois villages. Women Women were the leaders of the ______________. clans A clan is a group of families who share the same _________________. ancestor Women owned the ________________ and everything in them. longhouses Women also owned the ______________________. land Deganawida was known as ________________________. Peace Maker Under the Great Law of Peace, council members promised that their ___________ shall be full of peace. hearts The ______________ was a council member who had been chosen by the women. sachem The capital of the Iroquois Confederacy was _______________ in what is now New York state where they met every summer to discuss war, peace, and trade with other Native American groups. . Onondaga The Iroquois continue its culture today by playing the game of ______________________. lacrosse Lacrosse was played for recreation and to settle ___________ between groups. disagreements 4th Grade Social Studies Chapter 6 Lesson 1